About Philemon

Philemon Ministries


Philemon Foundation is an organization involved in the rehabilitation, empowerment, and reintegration of offenders in Kenya. Our scope ranges from young offenders in youth correctional centers to prisoners recently released from prison.

Philemon Foundation was founded in 2009 by Kelvin Mwikya.  He was motivated to be part of the efforts by penal institutions to reform and rehabilitate the character  of offenders into productive members of society.

Philemon Foundation is based on Christian principles. We encourage staff and volunteers to share their faith if and when it is appropriate, but we do not exclude anyone from our support on the basis of their religious beliefs.



To provide hope and achieve a transformed and humanized offender community in Kenya through Christian initiatives that help in behavior changes to produce rehabilitation and to prevent recidivism.


To rehabilitate, empower and re-integrate offenders back to the society as responsible and acceptable citizens. 

Core Values 

The Core Values of Philemon Foundation are established by God’s truth which we believe is revealed in the Bible and reflected in our founding documents, in the design of our programs and in the view of beneficiaries- seeing them as human beings created in the Image of the Creator God.  Philemon Ministries believes that the ministry has been called by God to serve and thus it does not see itself in competition with others who may have similar undertakings.  Philemon’s core values are a set of beliefs or guiding principles that will be shared and embodied by staff and other stakeholders.

Biblical Values

Philemon seeks to operate from a passionate belief in God’s revealed truth about history, life and reality in the Bible.  It is a Christian organization that seeks to glorify Jesus Christ in its operations, in its dealings with others and in its vision.  These values will act as symbols of identity for the organization (Philemon 1:10-18).